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Thursday, April 28, 2011

finding my voices

she knew the answer was simple but it was just proving hard too find

It's not easy to find your creative voice or voices.  I've been struggling to develop a look for my art. I have a seed of an idea of what i want my work to look like and how i would like it to feel.  I have a gut feeling of what i want my art to say. It's hard work. Slowly i'm beginning to develop a plan, it's seeping out of my heart and mind. I understand that if i want a successful art business (again) that i have to have a business plan as much as a heart plan. 

she woke from a dream with the words - try again - and understood that it took many tries to get it right and that it was okay if she didn't get it perfect.  after all it was art that she was making

sometimes when i'm in my studio i get the unnerving feeling that i'm being watched


  1. You work has an easily identifiable quality that makes it yours...I see it....I strive for it sometimes, myself....

    Most times, I just lay paint to paper or canvas and go...haha! I've been experimaenting with acrylics for the last 6 months....used to work primarily in watercolors before...big change :)

    I'm so happy you decided to join the Blogging is amazing, isn't it?! I wish I had done it sooner :D
    It really has helped me blossom as an artist and creative really motivates me to keep working, keep sharing...just keep on...

    Thank you for stopping by and now following my little space in Blogland :) I'd like to join you in your journey now, too!

    Hugs to you,

    Btw, your letter to your daughters made me tear up *sniff*

  2. Hermosisismas !!!!, que buen trabajo !


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