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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

holding a little secret in my heart

she said, always hold a little secret in your heart

She thought for awhile and then said out aloud - we are too busy rushing around we forget to appreciate the gift of creating.  Then she remembered times when the joy of creating took over her life and she was lost in a dream.

She began to ask some questions - she knew that questions were far more important than answers.  Who am i, she asked and why is it important that i create?  Then she asked a really big question - how can i embrace my creative being, to make it not just who i am but what i do everyday.  She understood that the answers would take time to come to her, but she was fine with that. 

And so she decided to begin the adventure.

even though she had decided to begin the journey, she was feeling unsure of herself.  she took a deep breathe and said to herself, 'the death of fear is doing what you fear'


  1. Beautiful creations! And how thrilling to begin the creative adventure. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful conversation with your daughter as a comment in my blog. Truly appreciate the profound wisdom. Thanks!

  2. i'm doing a happy dance - (south african style)'cos i got followers and comments on my first day blogging. thanks guys - now i'm really excited

  3. Hi Clare,
    These images are so lovely! I love how delicate they look - the colour, the sweet expressions on the faces and particularly the sweep of the hair on the girl with the butterfly :).


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