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Saturday, May 14, 2011

inside art

without art i may have lost myself a long time ago, she said with a sigh

Trying to define what it means to be creative is not easy.  When i looked around for a definition, i got many different answers. Some where definitions given by psychologists, some given by business coaches and some were the definitions given by artists.  Each had their own way of describing what it means to be creative.

Trying to put into words something that is integral to who i am, is almost impossible, how does one describe the expression of their inner most self.  I think for me the process of the creative journey is not about the definition as much as it is about the process helping me to define myself. It’s the way i try to unravel what is inside, what is hidden and unknown to me, its how i give visual expression to my inside world.


  1. love this painting!
    I just back-read your blog, you not only have great artistic skill but you're an wonderful writer.

  2. Oh Clare,
    This is amazing--and you are sooo gifted!!! And I agree with Naomi--you are not only an amazing artist, you're so talented at writing too!!

  3. YES again, your WORDS, defining, are speaking for more than yourself clare! this piece is so wonderfully your own and quite wonderful on it's own! keep speaking, keep painting, keep showing...YOU are INSPIRATIONAL!!! XO

  4. Part of that description has to true to your own self. Art comes from there, from your inner self. Like how you are reflecting on this. It's a tough one!

  5. Exactly true.....we are not unlike that red pot in your painting....filled with the soil of our souls, that with some nurturing and patience, untold beauty and surprises await us....blossoming from our own efforts and the belief that flowers will come :)

  6. Oh I love, love this!! So full of color and happiness!

    Thank you for your sweet comment on My Blog. It's nice to know others feel the same way. :)

  7. Dear Clare, you got a stone rolling and rolling - first I was thinking a lot about creativity by myself, then I started to google - in English and in German - WOW so much is written about creativity and Kreativitaet - really smart stuff, and a lot of blahblahblah sounding smart - which I guess is also some form of creativity, letting blahblahblah sound smart - but to be earnest: the Latin creare, creo meaning, as I found on the Internet:
    "to create, to make, to produce"
    "to beget, to give birth to"
    "to prepare, to cause"
    "to choose"
    actually says it all.
    But maybe there are questions - is every human being creative? Can creativity be learned? Is not life itself creativity?
    Surely creativity has not necessarily to be art - cooking a good meal can be very creative, or working in the garden, or painting the house, or playing with a baby, or writing a book or a letter, or just a thoughtful e-mail, or a love note in your child's lunchbox, or - yes thousands of things can be creative - the happiness comes from the satisfaction of each of our individual creativity, be it to knit a sweater, paint a picture, photograph a flower, or even maybe start a buisness. In my opinion there never can be true happiness without creativity, and being creative always results in happiness - oh, I am getting swept away - I stop now - I would love to sit with all of you in a circle and talk about that - that too would be very creative, YES!

  8. I think your definition is perfect and this painting makes me want to see more of your inner world! It's gorgeous!!


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