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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

it's all good

she waited for a long time before she could let the butterflies go

When i was deciding if i should be brave and show my art to the whole wide world, i wondered if i had it or not.  You know talent, ability or did i stink?  Then i thought about that awhile, and pondered what ‘bad’ art actually is? What i realized is that there is no bad art; all efforts need to be treated as learning, its essential to growth, without the effort, the trying, how does anyone achieve anything? i realized that i have to be patience with myself, talent is gained. Slowly step by step, techniques are learnt, goals are achieved, and dreams are realized, how then can any of it be bad?


  1. I think we'll be learning...forever :) Cool, huh?! Heehee :D

  2. Yes, anything that happens as a result from someones vision in their mind is art--no matter what it is--and it's always right--It's a never-ending journey.

  3. Ohhhh yes, the big question - what is art???

    I like your definition...

  4. I love your painting and I love your blogpost Clare! You have written what so many of us come to realize! We are all on this amazing journey and we can only be who we are and THAT is the miracle in it all! I look forward to watching your journey and wish you happy painting always! :0) x

  5. You're absolutely right! Plus how can we judge another person's art when we don't know what they see. We all see with different eyes and different perspectives....but however we look at your art, it's beautiful!

  6. Yes you are an artist !!!!! :D
    Wonderful portrait!

  7. I just found your blog today and am so happy I did. There is something so honest, courageous, and "real" about you that inspires me so much. Your art...oh how it speaks to me. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

  8. Dear Clare,

    I feel so blessed to have your sweet presence on my blog. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments--they are so deeply appreciated.

    You have created a beautiful space here. I am so very glad that you are sharing your beautiful art with the world--what a blessing. To me, art is simply about expressing what's inside--it has nothing whatsoever to do with "good" or "bad," just sacred expression. I love that you are pondering these questions and coming out on the other side.

    Sending love to you today,


  9. P.S. Clare..Just Took A Walk Thru Your Previous Postings..Your Paintings Are Fabulous! I've Decided To Join You Today As Your Newest Follower. I Look Forward To Wonderful Visits And Getting To Know You Better. Hugs From The Peach State, Terri


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