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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


was time making a fool of her again?

Time intrigues me.  I find time a mystery, it can be hard to define, and seem almost intangible. I’ve tried to look for the moments between time, I’ve tried to recapture time or make time go faster or slow it down.  I’ve ponder questions such as: what is time, what causes time, is time memory and does our mind create time?

Aristotle believed that time was motion, Einstein understood that time may be open to change and Salvador Dalí, created a painting titled ‘The Persistence Memory” in which he explored aspects of time. Time has been used as a measure not just of past, present and future but of motion, and even how much one should earn depending on the number of hours you work.

When I think I have a grasp on time then it seems to march on and leave me scratching my head again.  I wonder about time in space, lost time, future time, wasted time, time well spent and then in no time at all I’m completely lost again.

can you see time?

quilt - exploring a moment in time
as we tell our stories


wearing time


  1. So many good thoughts Clare!
    In my opinion time we enjoyed spending is never wasted time - that is a good measurement I think!

  2. Oh dear Clare, I forgot, I wanted to make you a compliment about that adorable painting!!!!!

  3. Wow, and even more time pondering! What a great post. Your paintings is so beautiful. All your art is. This one is my favorite so far. Until you paint another one. Love your art, your posts and you. Your a deep thoughtful and talented person! Keep going, maybe we'll crack this time thing?

  4. Time also has me lost too......sometimes...... I did a little sketch and a post a while ago about catching time in my sider web drawings, capturing those moments with my pencil helps me to hold on to time and place with the things I did that day.......

  5. Time is a friend and a foe....ever elusive, yet always present...

    Dizzying to try to define what it is...and is not....I just know that the good stuff always seems to be over in the blink of an we must enjoy it while it lasts and be thankful we had them :)

  6. as always, your words, your words clare. i too have pondered time in depth and have always treasured it so. i try really hard to not keep track of it and drive some of my friends and family nuts! they finally stopped asking me, "what time are going or what time is it" etc. i've informed them all that it's like i am always on vacation, not beating the clock and NEVER wear a watch. i'm on time for duty, that's the only thing that matters to me.
    and your ART WORK. where have you been? oh, no matter, you are here now :)) each and all of these pieces are absolutely WONDERFUL. love the girls body, love your fiber art (my first love always)truly all of it is BEAUTY BEHOLDEN!!! xo

  7. Hi Clare,
    These are beautiful pieces...your quilts and art are lovely.
    Would you be interested in posting your art on my Saturday showcase?
    Email is or visit my blog

  8. beautiful clare! a talented artist, mother,word smith and sewer? Incredible xo

  9. Wonderful work; I really love the little house with the eye, and the quilt is fantastic! Time is a huge subject with me. I feel it's my nemesis at times, trying to find time to create, watching it go by so quickly. I'm always fighting it. The nature of time is a mystery to physicists, philosophers, and especially, me.

  10. HI Clare, thanks for stopping by at my blog! I enjoyed your artwork....I will be back I'm sure!!!
    Smiles, Anke ;)

  11. You are SUPER talented. Your artwork is very soft and delicate but also very eye-catching!!




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