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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

staring at my world

she put on her rose tinted glasses and began to see her world as it was 

I have a sense that the world has shifted, moved, is different somehow.  I can’t really explain, I know it sounds weird but thats how it feels.  It feels more serious, fragile yet brave and resolute all at the same time.  We have to face reality; we have to be courageous to look at what we are doing to each other, to our planet, we have to challenge ourselves to find new ways of seeing. I have been trying to look, really look from all angles, at how I live my life. I’m trying to not just glance at life, but to stare at it, to try and comprehend this newness that I’m feeling.  Maybe it’s just me because I feel more fragile and brave, I don’t know – I suppose when you start to see yourself differently the whole world begins to look different.


  1. Love the painting and also what you have to say about the world. I agree it seems different. For me it's that the media makes everyone seem so mean and hopeless but I don't really think it is like that. For some reason they want us to be afraid and to stay separated from one another. I don't like that.

  2. YOUR work is WONDERFUL WONDERFUL clare!
    thank YOU so much for your comment on my blog. we do try so hard sometimes to get our messages across, but never quite sure, WHO gets it etc! loved your affirmations, they mean a lot to me! xo

  3. What a beautiful post, Clare. The last line made me tear up. I think I'm where you are; finding the world a different place because of the changes in me. Your painting is beautiful. Her face holds so much expression.
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  4. Dear Clare, I LOVE your art - and I know it will be a lovely adventure and a great pleasure to follow your blog! I am really looking forward to it!!!

    And: I am completely crazy about those chickens - completely!!!!! :-)

  5. Oooops, Clare this is me, Yael, not Uri, I commented by mistake from my husbands account! But I am sure, he agrees with me!!! :-)


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