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Sunday, May 15, 2011

sunday art

i love seeing how people work - how they make their art, so thought i'd share my sunday art

completed painting


  1. its good to see how a pic like this evolves. Thanks for sharing.

  2. beautiful Clare!
    I especially Like her blouse :-)

  3. I love her face and that beautiful outfit! Thanks for shairng your progress.

  4. Hi Clare,
    Thanks for sharing, it is amazing how we all go about creating our art. I enjoyed seeing your process and love the end result. Hugs,

  5. Thanks for showing the progression of your painting. It's always fun to see how someone does a painting. And yours is great! I especially like her dress.

  6. thanks for visiting my i found YOU...and you are WONDERFUL. yippy!

  7. I like it when others show the progression of their work....but I don't usually like to show mine. I try so hard to get it thru that "awkward phase" that I'd rather not revisit!

    I love her dress, too!


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