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Monday, May 23, 2011

sunday drive

she looked out and began to see the world as it always was and it made her happy
Photo - of Jess looking out at the Drakensberg mountains taken by Barry

On Sunday we took a drive to the beautiful Midlands of Kwa Zulu Natal, which is about a half hour drive from where we live.  The countryside is not typical African, its soft undulating hills, grass farmlands and mirror like dams.  My daughter was speaking to us, telling us of her plans for her future, sharing her dreams and insights into life.  I was surprised by her youthful wisdom, her understanding of life, her ability to grapple with difficult topics in a simple way. She spoke about happiness and what it meant to her, that she was beginning to understand that it wasn’t 'things' that make a person happy, but living each moment, finding joy in the simple presence of being aware that one can find joy.

What makes this conversation special is the fact that she has been battling with erratic moods and depression.  She has handled this difficult and sad time of her life in a very pragmatic way. She has asked for help, and received it and done her part to understand what is happening to her.  It has been hard to watch my child suffer, but i saw yesterday that she will be fine, that she will make her way through this dark night and be able to step into bright sunshine. 


  1. She sounds like an amazing young woman. To learn at an early age that things don't bring happiness is a huge step forward. I hope she continues to grow and learn and that she is able to leave the darkness behind.

  2. Yes she will Clare - she will be fine, she already is! :-)

  3. Your surroundings looks beautiful. I really hope your daughter will be fine and as you tell things do point in that direction. Wish her all the best and her family too.

  4. How proud you must be of her....what a courageous and wise heart in such a young body!

  5. Its so good to hear parents having insight into the life of their children and staying in tune with their emotions...

    I Love your art...its superb!

  6. Sending love to you and your daughter. Keep going girl, your a very special person!
    You both are!


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