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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

bits and pieces

she said with a twinkle in her eye - we take bits & pieces from each other - in a family and create something of beauty

Itsy Bitsy – sometimes unexpected, unplanned things are created and when they are finished, you stand back in amazement, not too sure how they came about but enormously pleased that they did. This is the story about one such creation.

Sitting under a large oak tree sipping tea with my girls and eating muffins we hatched our plan.  We had just seen a magnificent exhibition of art dolls, strange creatures, with exotic clothes, weird eyes and wild hair. Why not make our own art doll?

Back at home we throw all the supplies we could find onto my big bed, what a wonderful mess of lace, fabric, cotton and trimmings. Into an old hat we placed pieces of paper with body parts written on them.  We each had a turn to extract our body part, and then off we went secretly hiding our stash of provisions.

The house become very quiet, something special was underway. 

After a few hours all the body parts had been constructed, funny little components, with large uneven stitches and brightly coloured buttons. Trying not to guess the outcome, i sat down and sewed them all together.  Our art doll was revealed, we sat together on the big bed, there was a magic in the air, as we each took turns to hold our tiny creation and we were very pleased.


  1. I love this. Creating with fabric is so fun, especially, when it becomes a group project. Imagination! What would our lives be without it.

  2. Those are the threads weaving the carpet of life - these are the puzzle pieces holding it all together! What a great idea to share a creative project with your daughters, from the planning to the execution and completion! The outcome is unique, lovely and dear and the memory of the event will linger forever! I loved this!!!

  3. Well, Heck Yeah! I'd be pleased too. Very Cool. Is that your first doll? you did a great job. Hugs, Robin

  4. What a great idea, using left over scrap or odds and ends to make something so cute.

  5. Clare, What a wonderful post! What fun you and your girls have sewed up into a lovely dolly! Hugs, Jessi xox

  6. Clare, thank you so much for your beautiful message. I would so love to keep this painting or even give her to my family. She will be missed, but I now who ever buys her will look after.
    Hope your having a sunny day!


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