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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

do you believe in UFOs?

how many dimensions do I live in, she wondered - hard to know - as some days  i seem to drift in and out of so many

I believe in UFOs – do you?

Ufos or (Un-finished Objects) do exist and I have collected masses of evidence over the years for there existence.  Mostly this evidence can be found in boxes and plastics bags shoved into the back of my craft cupboard. When I get a new idea I have to try it out, it becomes almost an obsession, I have to get the technique right, and I don’t rest until I’ve perfected it. Sometimes, during the process I lose interest and the project I’ve started never gets completed  - it becomes a UFO.

One theory that tries to explain this strange phenomenon looks at the orientation that women have to projects compared to how men engage with projects.

Women according to this theory are intrigued by how we do things, in other words we are process oriented. Men are intrigued by what they do and are more product oriented. Men tend to focus on the product, the end result in other words, they like a more tangible result.

Women are interested in the experience of creating – we like to understand the process, work with the process, figure it out, and get it right.  Our fascination with the process or the 'how' can be a problem - because we sometimes tend to forget the ‘what’ part and don’t finish what we started.  The process often finishes or is mastered before the product is completed.  Just as we are about to finish the project our attention shifts to the next new idea, the next process we want to try out.

Process compulsion, can become very strong and we need to develop self discipline to stay with the project to completion.  Being aware of this can make us more likely to finish what we started.  Imaging the finished product before we begin can also be helpful in getting to the conclusion, helping us to finish what we start.

Of course sometimes it is just about the process and I’m quiet happy not finishing something I started. This is especially true when I am using art as a healing modality, when I need to work through an issue or problem and my choice of ‘therapy’ is art.

And then I go down into my husband’s workshop and discover a few more UFOs flying around…..

UFOs spotted in Clare's studio


  1. I am so familiar with UFO's.....when I worked in quilting/fiber art specifically, I had many, MANY UFO's.
    As you said, once the new process was mastered, the remains went to the back of the cupboard.
    I always found, though, that what I learned was worth the unfinished project, because my more serious work would incorporate a bit of that UFO.
    Artists make thumbnail sketches and I compare UFO's to these. And I learned I cannot sketch an idea out....I need the idea in my HEAD, so it will come out the hands!


  2. She' s lovely Clare. Yes I believe too in Un-finished objects,lol! Cool post, I love the way you write and have such a great mind and sense of humour.

  3. Love the little butterfly in her hair!
    Wonderful post, it makes me smile in complete recognition.
    I do think that creating is sometimes more about the process as you mention a 'healing modality' very therapeutic, Tolle even describes it as religious.

  4. Jeez, I love your work. You made me put my glasses on to read your post...LOL showing my age now dear. Have a lovely day. Robin

  5. how about a cupboard full of UFO's here~! lol! I just LOVE your paintings of those beautiful girls!

  6. Yes, I had to smile too! But with me the "male" side in this matter seems to be stronger, I am always eager to finish my projects, I yearn during the process to see and admire the finished product and I strive to reach that goal. If I have an UFO or two they make me feel restless and reluctant to start something new, and I will finish them eventually. But I have one half wall hanging lying around for maybe 15 (!!!) years now - I think it is time to just throw it out!
    What a lovely post dear Clare! And yes, your lady is so sweet - I wonder what is she thinking and at what is she looking?


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