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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

exploring through art

the only reason i like to go to bed early - is because my dreams are just
so cool - she said with a yawn
I don’t know about you but I’ve found that I often use my art making to help me work through issues, to process different life experiences, to describe dreams and to explore spiritual understanding. The process doesn’t always give me an answer to questions, but I find the process deeply satisfying as an extension of my consciousness.  

I’ve made art about recurring dreams, exploring images of houses, which appear over and over again in my dreams. What do these houses symbolize? What do the hidden rooms mean?  Its wonderful stuff – to play with images that have appeared in my own night time head, filled with vagueness, teasing me with hints of significance. I love to translate these images into art works.

I’ve made art that has explored insights that I have gleamed from books exploring spiritual matters or images that have appeared when I mediate. The process of giving life to an intangible thought or idea, to see a concept in a new light is wonderful.

The possibilities for art making are endless, it is such an exciting place to explore, to adventure and discover your soul and life in this way.


  1. Love the dream girl. Really like the quilt. Both are fabulous.

  2. Thanx for stopping by my Blog:O) ive joined your follow list:O) Love the quilt:O)

  3. how i LOVELOVELOVE your dreamer!
    & yes, i find the same thing w/art...
    working through life stuff powerfully.
    love to you! xox

  4. yes its a great way to work out your feelings on paper or canvas or whatever .... hidden rooms interesting maybe its about your creative side your trying to unlock new ideas or inspirations or new ways to explore have fun xx claire

  5. Ive never thought to make art out of my dreams and I also have dreams about hidden rooms in a house I used to live in! I love the creation in the pic! Maybe those dreams are telling us something and what beeter way to discover than thru art??!!

  6. Beautiful Clare, you capture the essence of art intwined in life ! I have been trying to out my comments on your blog ( and others) for weeks and blogger keeps ignoring me and my words. I hope it works this time as I am becoming despondent. I have nominated you for a little award on my blog because you are so generous with your thoughts and so versatile. I also love this painting!

  7. I too dream of houses and rooms... Love your dream girl! And your quilt is just beautiful!!! So much stitching and wonderful patches and spots of color... both works of art are gorgeous!

  8. I had a recurring dream about a beautiful, calm and serene room in white and green colors for years - hm - did not have it for a long time...

    It is wonderful how you bring your dreams into your art Clare - may they be plentiful and of the nice and good and loving kind for ever!


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