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Sunday, June 26, 2011

my past life

my future was planned a long time ago - pity i forgot what it was i planned to do

I’ve had many past lives, one of them was running a small business, producing and manufacturing little signs that I designed. I did this while my girls were small and it was great because I could work at home and was there for them in the afternoons.  But  I was always complaining to my husband that it wasn’t a 'real' job – that it was not intellectually simulating, that I wasn’t doing anything to save the world, that making silly little signs was not important. I began studying and got two degrees, and as market trends changed I didn’t bother to move with the times, because making stuff was not a real job.

I finally got a ‘real’ job, and to my horror discovered that all I wanted to do was make stuff again.  My husband just laughed at me and wisely said I told you so – in the nicest possible way.  You see I discovered that my funny little signs did make a difference to people.  I remember a young girl telling me that she gave one of my magnets to a friend who read the message on it everyday and that was what got her through a deep depression and suicidal thoughts.

What I think I am being to learn, to slowly understand, is that when you do what is in your heart, when you follow the little voice that says this is my purpose, that you can’t help but affect the world.  It doesn’t have to be what the ‘world’ considers a ‘real’ job, what matters is that you follow your passion. Slowly I’m beginning to accept what I believe my purpose is, to embrace the REAL me.

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  1. Clare--it's never too late to to find yourself. Your creations are all so wonderful. A saying that I like is --"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint you can on it".
    Danny Kaye
    So keep the paint, paper and glue throwing.

    I am lucky--I can hardly wait to get my insperation from Claire.

  2. Hello & welcome to my blog, thanks for joining! I've finally managed to visit & say hi - love your signs, & yes, we need to make more & analyse less.

  3. I love the post Clare, and I think it ties in to the comment you left on my blog.
    I firmly believe (and heck, it only took me till I was *51*~~LOL!!!) that what is in our hearts and what makes us think and meditate and grow inside is what we should be DOING.
    Not what everyone else (as in, unhappy or jealous or stuffy people) tell us to do instead.
    You love your signs, I love my art and stoles~~~life is good.
    We are following our paths.
    It doesn't get much better than that!


  4. Yes, I agree...though, sometimes, following your passion is actually a difficult choice to Hubby loves that I'm finding fulfillment, but I'm sure he would also love if I could contribute financially more.....

  5. I really needed to read this today. Thank you! And best wishes on your continued success in your passions and what makes you happy!

  6. What a beautiful post Clare. So lovely to know you helped someone in a big way like this.
    My email returns aren't working, I've copied and pasted it here. Thank you Clare!
    Hi Clare, this would be so nice, to live closer in our next life. I totally agree with you about your children. Sorry you had to go through this time. So pleased one as come back to you.
    When Mark and I met I'd had two failed marriages, one kept sneaking out while I was asleep to a women next door. The other gay and ran off with a man. Lol, I can laugh about it now.
    Although I'm totally grateful now for these experiences, it's helped me grow. When I met Mark I didn't want any more children and he loved me enough to be with me no matter what. We've been together nearly 12 years now and he still loves me. I was thinking one night as I was walking to the bathroom. That's it I'm not going to have anymore children. I heard a child's voice like it was inside my ear say "but mummy". I knew at this instance there was another child waiting for me and Mark(his first). I'm so pleased as our youngest daughter is a treasure, they all are, but would of never had her if she didn't call out to me. I tell her also that she waited and wanted to come to us.
    Same with your little ones, they waited to come to you and one of them twice to make sure. This is so wonderful! Thank you so much Clare for sharing this with me. Made my day. Confirms all these little cute angels, just so beautiful! I think we can go round in a dreamy heaven haze today!

  7. I really like your blog and what you wrote about :)

  8. Past lives, or growing as I would call it. For me that's the clue. To be able to adjust myself to actual situation. I do often find myself other places though. But I'm learning all the time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  9. i agree with your every word!
    celebrating the REAL of you.

  10. Why am I not surprised to read this post!
    Yet another incredible layer of Clare revealed,
    you are one amazing woman!

  11. Oh I do agree! Although it's taken me many, many years to let myself truly believe it. I'm so very glad you've found that what you are doing is both fulfilling and meaningful.

    P.S. Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on a recent post of mine (I've removed the post since then). Your kindness was deeply appreciated.

  12. So, so true! I think sometimes we forget that even the little things, even just little kindnesses, make a difference too. It doesnt have to be all flamboyance and flash. I think as long as you follow your heart, you'll be led to where you're meant to be :)

  13. Thank you Clare for your lovely message. It's such a gift to be here with you and everyone else. We're all arty loving beings! So wonderful!

  14. Well said Clare! Enjoying your blog!

  15. I really like your blog and I am glad, that I found you.

  16. Dearest Clare,

    I totally get this. After I left my REAL job as a teacher, I struggled to come to terms with this. Is making stuff important ENOUGH. I wasn't inspiring the next generation anymore...

    I have to admit that I have gone back and forth with this, and continue to try to assert myself and believe that I have a responsibility to share my heart and my creative work with the world.

    Between you and me and everyone else reading this, I have started to question this again since my husband was accepted to Medical school... Wondering if it's just selfish of me to make art, or if it's a real calling...

    Thank-you for reminding me that it is important and essential for me. And it is a REAL job.

    A bestie of mine said it best. Your husband may save people's bodies', but you my dear are saving people's hearts and spirits.

    So let's both pinky swear to keep doing it Clare. Much love to you! xo


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