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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

being with family

she understood that sometimes no words were needed

I recently read these words – ‘the soul prospers in an environment that is concrete, particular, and vernacular.  It feeds on the details of life, on its variety, its quirks, and its idiosyncrasies. Therefore, nothing is more suitable for care of the soul than family, because the experience of family includes so much of the particulars of life.’ (Care of the Soul – Thomas Moore).

Families can be places of battle, places where we wrestle with self and issues that sometimes never seem to be resolved, but families can be places of nurture, nourishment for the soul, a place where we can find rest.  This is how we experienced our recent trip to the beach.  We did nothing special, we sat with each other, drifting from one member to the next, not saying much, but enjoying the presence of each other. We had no agenda, no expectations; we woke each morning and just began the day, with long moments of silence and togetherness. 

Somehow, without knowing it we managed for a week, to life in the moment, we managed to just be with what was without the need for anything more.  There was a deep sense of connection, without words, without deep meaningful conversation, just a simple being. We left the beach behind knowing that our souls had been cared for.

Jess - with her Milo and breakfast
Katie and her school friend - whose family were camping
our chief dish washer and cook - aka Dad

we took an upstairs chalet

look how close we were to the sea!

once a year there is a 'sardine run' on the south coast - the sardines swim close to the beach and can be caught in nets from the shore.  it's not something that you often see - but this year we were there to see the catch.  it was very interesting - the colours 'caught' my attention.

i love these colours

holding the nets with sardines

sardine fever


  1. thats the first time Ive ever seen views like these of SA! thank you showing them.. the colour of that ocean is spectacular!

  2. Wonderful and interesting photos Clare!
    And your opinion on family is well observed and your words are all true. I am fortunate to belong to a loving and intact family and I am really thankful for that!!!
    I am glad you had such a wonderful time at the beach! Did you paint and draw? May your souls always been cared for!

  3. There is nothing quite like the beach is there? Living in the middle of the U.S. we are a long way from the beach (at least 12 hours drive in any direction), but we try to get there every summer. We are going in two weeks and I can't wait! Your photos of the sardine run are very interesting!

  4. Looks like a relaxing time. Love the photos.

  5. I did get IT. I Know long arms and loving HUGs reach half way around the world. AND I THANK YOU!!!
    Kindred spirit. Thanks so much. Cheerfully. Robin

  6. your comment meant more to me than you know clare. i thank you. your family time looks to have been what life is all about, treasured memories...i especially liked the "no agenda" parts and am delighted at how you embrace life. marvelous post (per usual), simply marvelous. xo

  7. Love what you've shared here in your post...looks like a relaxing time with family and friends. Thank you for following my blog and for your sweet comment about my art room. You art work is lovely! I hope to learn to paint like that one day. :-)

  8. Looks like you had an amazing time. I grew up going to the beach every summer and have lots of fond memories! There is nothing like the sound of the waves to sooth and calm our mind and soul.

  9. You have the most amazing posts! Loved your art, your photos and your words of wisdom gleaned from life... Thank you for sharing!
    Jessi xox

  10. your time there sounds completely refreshing... soul refreshing. a recharging, and a rebonding.


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