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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I'm not weird - just creative

In classical logic a contradiction consists of a logical incompatibility between two or more propositions.  Never having managed to get my head around logic, I understand contradictions more as those strange and weird things my mind seems to do on a daily basis.

Contradictions amuse me, especially those I observe in my own life.  As I get older I’m less precious about my own inconsistencies and find I can laugh at myself with a lot more easy.  Thank goodness for that.

she sighed - and asked me what do you feed unicorns?

I find life is peculiar, strange and sometimes even bizarre.  It’s filled with strange thoughts, whims, ideas and dreams.  What keeps me amused one day terrifies me the next.

I’m enthusiastic to try out something on Wednesday and bored of it by Friday.  I change my mind on a whim, make decisions I don’t understand – life with regret and fear.  I marvel at my wisdom, my insights, can’t believe how profound I can be at times.  The next day I wonder how I could be so dumb, how I could miss out on yet another opportunity.  I get stuck in rigid thought and bad habits.  Then like magic I throw caution to the wind and do something totally crazy. Perhaps it’s the creative mind or not?

I really hope I’m not the only strange and weird creature out there that lives with these contradictions.  

Boy I hope my man never reads this post!

we have a new baby - Abby adopted on the 18/07/2011
my sweet katie loves animals - she often has dreams of unicorns


  1. LOl, your so creative Clare! Your whole personality is also and your man, lol, probably knows you so well! Bless you so much!
    Your art is beautiful. The first girl looks like she is going to kiss the butterfly which is so loving!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful self!

  2. I love wings and since you wrote about contradictions on my blog a while ago, I love them too. You made me think about it quite a bit. LIfe is full of change, adaption and weird creatures, which makes it so wonderful!

  3. no youre not the only who has these thoughts and feelings... arent we all wonderfully complicated creatures! Life would be oh so boring if we werernt so creative!

  4. As you already know Clare, we are different, but then maybe not so - maybe basically we are all alike - created after the same genius master plan!
    You made me think - an smile!
    Like your girls, all three of them - maybe Abby is the fourth?

  5. It's the creative me!
    Of course, getting older makes it all the more amusing, because we now can LAUGH at our own dithering and inconsistencies, where when I was younger I would freak out, thinking the *artist* had left the building.....LOL!
    Creative minds just work different.....thank heavens!!! It would be really boring otherwise.


  6. now isn't it humorous that we seem to know EXACTLY what you are talking about dear clare. the difference for me is that you phrase it so succinctly!
    your workshop on ancestors sounded so intriguing!
    and your work here is so great, i am in love that background in the first painting!
    and what a great sharing of you, per usual! xo

  7. Oh yes, you are definitely creative! My boyfriend always tells me I'm weird... but in a good way! He says it gives me a special flavour!
    Here's to creative eccentricity! Now let's all do something totally outrageous and shock our mothers!

  8. Oh my last comment just disappeared before my eyes! Now that wasn't logical was it?! I think our creative minds have to follow our hearts and not our minds. That is how it is. :) I love all the pretty textures on your top picture Claire and thankyou so much for your lovely comment on my blog.It is very much appreciated.xx

  9. What a great blog! Your art is beautiful!

  10. I think it's your creative mind. ;) We just got a puppy recently and the dog-hater (me) has fallen. I'm smitten.
    My Blog

  11. Love your whimsy and wonderful of contradictions! That's what makes you unique and awesome! Your art is beautiful and full of expression! Great Stuff! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so I could find you too! Happy Creating! POP ART MINIS

  12. Everything you said sounded totally normal and everyday happenings for me. I guess by some of the comments above it isn't what everyone goes though. Maybe we are just creative?!

  13. Oh and I love your puppy! Your daughter must be in heaven!

  14. Clare, you were reading my mind and heart when you wrote this I'm sure, lol! I so wish I could express myself as beautifully as you do. It seems like you are always spot on with what I am thinking! I guess that means I'm weird - oops, I mean creative. I really love your girlie that has this caption - she's my fav. Your puppy is so sweet!
    Jessi xox


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