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Sunday, July 31, 2011

i have a therapist

she used to hold onto stuff - then slowly wrote it all away

A long time ago I discovered what I like to call my personal therapist. This portable therapist is on call 24/7; especially late at night.  I began visiting my therapist as a teenager, with all those mixed up crazy emotions and feelings that a teenage girl has.  I found that writing it all down was comforting, soothing to my soul. I could work things out, chew them over and go back and discover new insights into what I earlier thought were insurmountable problems.

My journals have never been pretty books with soft unlined paper. I prefer those ugly hard covered school notebooks, big ones, small ones, all sizes.  I have a large notebook for my bedside journal, a medium sized notebook for jotting down ideas, a note book at work for when I’m bored and then I have a small notebook in my handbag.

Like a night light for a small child knowing that my journal is next to my bed ready and waiting is comforting and gives my a sense of security. I think I will always be in ‘therapy’, learning, discovering, sitting with discomfort, pondering life’s mysteries, and writing about dreams. It just makes for good mental health and it’s a lot cheaper than a real therapist!


  1. I too have my journals all sizes and some pretty ones,I dont write often enough in them, I hold everything in. Amazing pics of the snow!!! We are burning up here in Texas, im soo looking forward for the first time ever to cooler weather:O) Thanks for sharing:O)

  2. I quite agree! Journals can lighten the inner load. I have spiral notebooks, pretty journals, and sketchbooks for all my thoughts. I've alternated. It took me awhile to feel comfortable "messing up" a new, pretty journal but I've (almost) overcome that now.
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  3. As a teenager I use to journal all the time. I have stacks of "Diaries" When I got married and started a family, sadly, I stopped. Then about 6 years ago, I started blogging everyday on Myspace. lol, remember Myspace? Now I sporadically blog on Blogspot. Long story short, I miss the journaling, because you are right, it was like having a personal theripist.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have the same therapist! When I go back and read my old journals it's always so amazing....why was I worried about this or that. Writing things down is a great way to figure things out.

  5. I love the way you have a journal therapist, cool!
    Great idea to adopt and what your journals share must be so adventurous.
    Hope your having an amazing weekend!

  6. do you like, or ever read back thru your journals? I sometimes go back and read my diaries that I used to keep back in the 1970's.

  7. I also have the same therapist, I have journals of all kinds that I have written in. I do like the nice ones with the beautiful paper. I have no trouble writing in them. For me its the act of writing things down that helps me make sense of my life. I love your paintings. Your girls have the sweetest faces.


  8. Hi Clare, did you hear about "morning pages", suggested by Julia Cameron in her book "The Artists Way"?
    I never tried journals, but I did the morning pages for a while and I go back to it in times of frustration - it helps to write down everything what bothers, anger, disappointment, sadness, without thinking about style or worrying about who might read it. I never read them again and I always destroy them afterwards, but this spontaneous hand writing early in the morning cleans my soul when I need it, and it often makes me calm down and see things more clearly or more in proportion. Sometimes I even have a laugh of relief! :-)

    I am sure journals and diaries are very healthy for the soul too!

  9. brilliant! & she's so beautiful!

  10. How fantastic!
    The little angel is gorgeous - Love the texture and background !

  11. Same here...even my sketch books are the *school notebooks* inviting, so unintimidating. The pencil or pen flows easily and there is no worry about messing up or crossing out.
    Text flows, sketches (rough as they are) happen.
    And I love BUYING them, especially the small and odd shaped ones.
    So glad I am not alone in this practice! :-)


  12. Oh Clare how lovely to meet you. Reading your blog is like a breath of fresh air, I'll be back!!!
    I have loads of journals on the go some are in Dutch some are in English, the ones covered in words are often about my rationale and the drawn ones are often just about feeling. So nice to get rid of both thought and feeling and so nice to look back at and reflect! I have one in my car, one at work, one in my bag, one next to my bed, Loads on my art table and shhhhh....a few hidden ones.

  13. I love your angel girlie! Just beautiful! I am a journaler too. I have them all over the house. Ugly ones, pretty ones, big ones, small ones. My "main" journal is my therapist too! Could not live without it.
    Hugs, Jessi xox

  14. I love to journal too. It gets all the bugs out, clears the cob webs! I am re doing the artist's way and the morning pages are a must. It's forcing me to stick to it. Great girl too!

  15. I recently discovered how much I need, really need journals to help me through the ups and downs. I've just started to go back to them again after a break. I've bought a nice tiny one to take with me wherever I go, it's like having a little portable friend!xx


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