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Sunday, July 24, 2011

the red book

mmm - i sometimes see stuff in dreams that i see in waking times too......

Now and then when I remember, I sit down quietly and close my eyes, breathe deeply and for a few moments sink into silence.  Sometimes when I am in this silent place I go on little adventures, I call them ‘awake’ dreams.  This is the story of one dream.

I am standing in a very ancient room, it has no walls, it appears to go on forever in all directions and is filled with millions and millions of books. Every book is filled with knowledge, with wisdom and truths that have been discovered throughout the ages. Slowly all the books begin to disappear and fade away, the old yellow pages crumb into dust. Finally, there is one small book left, it’s bound in a soft red cover. I move towards this book, a wise being joins me and says this book contains all the wisdom of the universe.  I careful open it and I’m surprised to see that it contains only one page, on that page is written one word.  LOVE

John Perkins in his book Psychonavigations describes this technique of 'awake dreams' or 'dream wandering' A practice used by tribal cultures and shamans to access their own inner guidance.  Using this technique you go on journeys that help you to find direction in life and to explore new ideas, it can be a wonderful way of accessing new creative ideas as well.


  1. Lovely Clare. I do these awake dreams at night when I can't sleep. I never seem to remember my proper dreams, but know I have them. so these awake dreams are precious to me.

  2. Clare, I LOVE your dream! What a wonderful little story!
    And the paintings: as always I admire them (you) and love them!

  3. this is beautiful, the post and the painting!

  4. This sounds wonderful, and is very timely for me today.
    I shall have to add this to my meditations and see how well I do.
    Lovely post~~~I could *see* the room....


  5. Lovely post Clare and the painting is beautiful, I love the words to accompany it x

  6. I do lots of awake dreaming. Usually, I see a painting in my head and I just allow myself to go there and really "see" it and then I draw it out and paint it! I loved the post and the sweet expressions of your girl paintings. Thank you so much for the visit to my blog!!

  7. What a power "dream"!! I would say that you received a profound vision from God. He is speaking to you in these visions and giving you some amazing words of truth!!

  8. What wisdom in your visions.

  9. i LOVE your dream!
    & love your art/& weaving together
    our dreams of night & day...
    love it all, clare!, dear dear clare.

  10. I'm a dreamer too. So many each night. This is a deep & well-written post. And I'm crazy about your artwork. Thanks for linking up to Fab Friday!

    Warmly, Michelle

  11. My dream world is a very active one, be it awake dreaming or night dreaming. I usually remember them all... Your dream is a fantastic one. I have a similar one but it's just about the ancient books and I'm like a kid in a candy store! Thank you for sharing your wonderful artwork in a beautiful post that sings to my spirit.
    Hugs, Jessi xox

  12. Your art is so beautiful and dreamy. The faces are so pure. Like we're going through many thoughts of what is beauty? Oh where going to get there for sure, especially with art sharing like yours!


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