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Sunday, July 3, 2011

a winter week at the beach

i don't seem to mind weekends and holidays nearly as much as the other days, she said with a wistful look –

We're off to the beach tomorrow.  I love going to the beach in winter, summer beach visits always remind me of sun burn and sticky sun lotion, headaches from too much sun and tired worn out people at the end of the day. Winter visits are filled with long beach walks, fires at night and sitting on the sand wrapped in beach towels.
yes - she is wearing a thimble 'cos the needles were hurting her fingers.

I've packed all the essentials, a sketch pad, a box of drawing instruments, some art books - my new one i received the other day 'Unfurling' - stunning.  My girls will pack their art / creating stuff - Kate is knitting a scarf at the moment and Jess is buying a camera tomorrow from hard earned waitressing money - so it looks like we are all set.  Just hope husband can get the car fixed tomorrow before we leave or else we all pile into the 1985 Toyota for the trip!

essential beach supplies


  1. A winter beach trip sounds wonderful. Right now I would even settle for a summer beach trip.

  2. Enjoy your trip Clare - you packed all the good things and everything important to you, including wonderful poetry and of course your art supplies - I am waiting to see what wonders you will produce on paper!
    By the way: nice bag!!! :-)

  3. Have a lovely trip. I, too, like the beach in winter rather than summer. Too many people in the summer and I'm not a sun-worshiper.

  4. That sounds fun! Perhaps if I go to the beach I could call it a winter trip too. We are supposed to have summer here but it still feels like winter. I hope you all get a fab day.

  5. Oh the trip to the beach sounds perfect! I just got "Unfurling" too! (love...) Can't wait to see what the beach inspires you to create!
    Jessi xox

  6. Have an amazing day with your family Clare, love what you've all packed for a good day!

  7. what a wonderful idea!
    It looks like you will have a great time no matter what!

  8. have a wonderful trip, youv'e just given me a good idea for what to do when Dh is off work next!

  9. Your supplies look like mine. Who needs anything but art supplies. Hope it was a good day for you and yours. Enjoy visiting!

  10. Oh Clare I hope you all have an absolute BLAST! Those supplies are a MUST. Hugs, Robin

  11. Oh, I do agree that visiting the beach during colder weather is always better! I grew up in UK and I used to love our trips to the seaside, even when the wind bit and the sun was constantly hiding behind the clouds. Now I live is a tropical country and I hardly go to the seaside! Some people would call me nuts. (^_^)

    Enjoy your trip, Clare!


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