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Friday, August 12, 2011

a gift for my soul

these ladies just arrived - rather suddenly

Lately I have been feeling sad.  I have heard too many sad stories, been reminded of how fragile and delicate life can be.  Life, for the time being has lost its robust character and my mood has followed.  My natural inclination has been to avoid this feeling, to escape it, to resist its incursion into my life – to distract myself from allowing this mood to invade my soul.

But something tells me to rather stay with it, see where it takes me.  As Thomas Moore says in the Care of the Soul – ‘some feelings and thoughts seem to emerge only in a dark mood. Suppress the mood and you will suppress those ideas and reflections.’  Rather than being afraid of the mood he encourages the reader to move into the darker shades of what it has to offer. The soul is then able to express itself in a different way.  In this place there are lessons to be learnt, new understands, new ways of seeing things.   I’m trying to be brave to embrace this melancholy and see what it has to teach me.  I think we are too afraid of embracing these darker feelings, we have been conditioned in our modern world to see them as undesirable, yet they have gifts to bring our souls.

I have found that this pensive mood has made me look back and observe my life in different hues, the colours are more muted.  I feel an urgency not to waste anymore time, I feel something pulling me forward, encouraging me to be braver, to explore, to not resist life but to rather flow with it.  I suppose in essence it is my own mortality that I am being forced to consider. 
but i'm glad they did - I hope they stick around for awhile


  1. I've been in a funk for about three months, and some health issues have not helped it.
    I just decided to ride it out and do what me heart told me. And amazingly, I can feel creativity slowly returning. It's taking it's sweet time, but it's returning.....
    Sometimes I do think we're supposed to take it all in and do something good with it.


  2. Wow Clare, this is beautiful and raw. I like the idea of embracing our darker moods to see what they teach us. Your "girls" speak to me of childhood and a simpler time of innocence.
    My Blog

  3. Not long ago I had a discussion with one of my friends. I can't remember what we discussed, but I was stubborn and kind of "besserwisser" my very good friend then told me " Laila, remember there are many beautiful shades of grey."
    I've thought about that many times since, and she is so right.
    Embrace your darker moods and remember they can be beautiful too.

  4. I see beauty and full of life in these paintings. The colors may be shades of gray, the the faces are so beautiful with lovely smiles. Embrace your moods, especially when you paint.

  5. Wow Clare you moved me. It's ok to doubt and question, just listen to that still small voice that loves you and all will be well!!
    Happy Creating and exploring. I love all that you've done, you helped lift my spirits.


  6. very nice to stop on your blog

  7. What a wonderful post!
    Life is challenging and not always bright,
    It's refreshing to see that embraced and not avoided.
    The girls are wonderful- I hope they stick around!

  8. wonderful, beautiful post; the artwork is so stunning, simple lines yet striking (which is very hard to do!); there is much gentleness and softness in this work, i love it very much,
    xx sandra

  9. actually i wish you had a followers button :)

  10. Oh Clare, I think much the same sometimes. I have a friend who suffered severe depression. The paintings she did at this time were so amazing and deep and they struck a chord with so many people, I think we recognize the pain in the art and some how it helps us untangle our life, good and bad. Her artwork now is still utterly brilliant even though she is happy. I love your art.

  11. You wrote a very meaningful post Clare, your words force us to think and maybe rethink and they give a positive outlook on one more puzzle piece life provides us with...
    I love your girls in those shades of grey - such sweet soul food they are! They come from a good place in you, keep cherishing that part and remember that you can always go back to it...

  12. Absolutely....the things you get to learn and reflect on in this mood has created a strange beauty all its own...
    love the sketches, too....

  13. Clare, Another thoughtful and wise post. Your girlies are a wonderful shade of grey and are still enjoying life - just with a slightly altered point of view for now. Brilliant! There are many lessons to be learned on our journey...
    Hugs, Jessi xox

  14. I remember the title of a book that was something like, "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die". I am melancholy so much of the time! I'm never sure if I should just "pull my socks up" or feel what I'm feeling 'til I don't feel it anymore. Love the artwork--as usual!

    Warmly, Michelle

  15. Hi Clare, I really believe, that only in that sad moments, you can produce those beautiful paintings that you did.... when you are happy and ' all is good' there is no reason to even pick the brush :) Your post and words are very inspiring ! thank you !!!

  16. Oh Clare, I hope anything I've written as not made you feel this way. I to have been going through these ups and downs about what's happening to the world. I know we're going to be ok. The love you share is lifting the earth love. You're a heart dimond! Elivating all around you. Loads of love to you Clare and I think we're opening up to something really new and wonderful! Your part of this love! Your LOVE!

  17. these are smashing, clare. just smashing! and your words hit me in the heart. i am there too and struggling, but healing while feeling and tearing while laughing. mixed emotions put down on canvas can be VUNDERFUL, my friend! xo

  18. Dearest Clare, do not hold your breath but breathe in deeply. I too have been in the darkest of places and have learned that standing in it has truly helped me through it. Be kind to your tender heart and embrace this period in your life because it will not last forever. I have no doubt that you will walk through this painful time an even braver, wiser and soulful human.
    I have learned to accept extreme JOY after the deepest depths of despair and gutted sadness. You are not alone...
    Sending you hugs and love, danielle xo

  19. Hi Clare, so lovely to hear from you. I want to share with you the revelations I've gone through.
    Looking into David Icke and all the dark side also. Kept me up and down in what is the truth.
    Has we are more aware we hear more. The world is quiet no longer. We nearly are aware of everything and this comes heavy for a while on our souls.
    I have learned that has we're opening and growing in our soul journey we can take in and sift our more rubbish. Which is a great gift.
    I know understand that the fear attraction stories get bigger to keep our attention on this plane just as we're about to pass it all and venture on mastering this whole place. Your not far from this now. Face this depression and ask what beliefs are not serving you in keeping your connected to your heart pure self core. You'll be come bored with the idea's shortly of what is causing your depression, which is a good thing as you let the idea's around you drop away.
    Close your eyes and ask to see your soul colour and let me know what you see. You'll be able to see where you are on your soul journey. I believe your not far from being a master. Sheer for the beauty that pours from your face and smile! Loads of love to you! Keep with what brings you to your pure loving heart and drop everything else. Its been such a journey for me this last year delving into all the rubbish that's out there. It's just another attention seeker. Your lovely in every way!

  20. I just wrote a comment and it got thrown out so if it shows up just excuse it.
    I wanted to tell you that I feel in alignment with you. Even though we are so far apart I feel a strong connection with you.
    I agree, to look at the dark side, sit with it and find what is lurking behind the depression. Usually it is just part of that small child within that needs to be recognized and heard. When you find out what is wrong, it can be released.
    Bless you and keep painting those girls are little pearls.


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