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Sunday, September 4, 2011

spring cleaning

time for a spring cleaning

With the warmer weather, the new leaves on the trees and all the pretty buds I was inspired to 'fixed' my bedroom up a bit.  I repainted a little cupboard, and decorated it with some mixed media backgrounds, fixed up an old box that I use to store all the girls school reports and artworks in.

mixed media backgrounds - not just for paintings
wish I had a better camera - but you get the idea

I painted an old frame and put one of my favorite paintings inside it.  I was really happy with the results, and now have a very pretty bedroom to see in the long hot summer, that lies ahead.

now - the rest of the house awaits


  1. Wonderful Clare!
    And I LOVE those three ladies! :-)

  2. What a beautiful room! Your art so brings it peace!

  3. All looks so great. It is such a good feeling to do things like this for yourself.

  4. oooh, how fresh and clean and creative! it seems so funny that our summer season will end fairly soon and yours is just starting :)!
    love your painting, i ALWAYS like trios of women, clare...i just think they are awfully special. and i just dig what you did with the old frame and how it makes your painting "feel"! XO

  5. Wow, great job, over the over haul on the furniture. The blue colors are so soft and welcoming. Great picture frame, your got me inspired to go frame some of my own work.
    Very lovely Clare, thanks for sharing!! And I adore the three little ladies, cute, cute, cute.


  6. Great job! I really like the way you make the small patterns on your paintings. They're so nice.

  7. Hi Clare! Beautiful job on the bedroom re-do. I love changing things up for the seasons too. It looks so fresh and cool. Love your three spring cleaning girlies as well! Very nice! I'm going to borrow your idea to use the mixed media background technique on some wood items that need updating. As soon as I can find the!
    Jessi xox

  8. Amazing what paint and imagination can do for room decor, too!

    Looks so fresh and airy in there!
    Enjoy :)

  9. How delightful. The soft colors are so soothing. Nice job.

  10. i love how you chnaged the cupboard into an art piece! it makes such a statement in the room. xo sandra

  11. very pretty!! the colors are beautiful.

  12. Oh these are lovely I love hand painted furniture and its so fun to do very pretty have a lovely day Claire xx


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