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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ticking off boxes

My husband has a saying – ‘just need to tick off a few more boxes’.  He’s always making long lists of things that he has to do, and somehow he never seems to finish ticking off his boxes.  I think it’s the mental lists that get him the most, those lists that include – give the girls a good education, get them through university and settled into a decent life,  lists that seem to want to hurry along time.  His boxes stress him out, I think it’s the never ending lists of things he feels he has to do, I call them his duty lists.

Recently, I seem to be copying him and I have my own list of boxes that need to be ticked off.  We are opening a book shop in December, which is very exciting but also very stressful.  We both have full-time jobs and trying to fit it all in is creating more and more boxes.  My husband has been selling books since he was a student.  He scours charity shops and auctions for books that he buys, restores and sells at a local farmers market – his slogan is ‘fresh produce for the mind’.  He specialises in South African historical books – called Africaner, books filled with stories about the early settlers, Zulu wars and fascinating African mythology.
making magnets  
making pictures 
Product development - not as easy as it looks

The shop is about 40 minutes outside of our town – along a beautiful route of farms and interesting little shops and restaurants, called the Midlands Meander.  I’m hoping to put my art in the shop as the whole setting lends itself perfectly to arty things. My hope is that I will be able to supplement my income with my art and be able to work mornings only, giving myself more time to spend on art. (It would be a real dream come true if I could spend ALL my time on art – but I won’t be greedy).

So my dear bloggy friends, if I have been a little quiet it’s because I’m trying to tick off all my boxes, not to mention trying to fit all the boxes of books into my house.  
just some of the boxes of books that are waiting to be priced and coded (and then ticked off)

I'm having problems leaving comments at some blogs again.  Does anyone know why this is happening?  It's a bit frustrating when you write a long comment and it disappears into the ether.


  1. First of all, a bookshop sound so cool! We only have the BIG booksellers in the city where I live and I so adore going in to a small, indie book store. Your art will add such a wonderful feeling to it all too! How exciting for you. I wish you the best!

  2. Thank you Clare for all this insight in what is going on in your life right now. I wish you and your husband success with the book store, what a marvelous plan, a small individual store with special books!! I am sure I would browse around in it for hours (I would bring cookies!) and enjoy it very much, if only I would be nearer to you!

    The little pictures and magnets look very pretty and sweet - please make them buy-able online too!

  3. How exciting! I too think your art will fit in well. To tick off some more boxes....what a good saying. I think we all can have that feeling from time to time. I bet you look forward to install all the books in the shop instead of storing them in your house. I wish you all the best, and perhaps one day you'll be able to spend your whole days making art. I shall cross my fingers for you.

  4. How exciting! I wish your husband much success with the book shop, and you with your art career. It sounds like you will have a winning combination.

    Thank you, too, for your comment on my blog with the info about Helen Martins and her Owl House. I love what I saw! I have so much respect and admiration for people, especially women, who live authentic, artsy and interesting lives.

    Wishing you all the best,

  5. Clare, your art magnets etc are brilliant, so pretty! Thank you for coming over, starting a new blog I thought I'd pressed to follow you and I've missed a couple of your lovely posts. Wish you all the best for your new adventure! Will your shop be on the web so the world can buy your art and hubbies book finds?
    :) Julie

  6. Good luck with your new venture.How exciting.

  7. Wow, a book shop! Fantastic, and your art work in it as well!. Good luck to you guys. I hope you post pictures of the coming together of your bookshop. keep ticking those boxes.

  8. I was excited too reading your post about the bookshop! wow... and I liked what your husband said about it being produce for the brain! what a exciting venture to be involved in - hope it goes all the best for you!

  9. So very exciting! I think your art will make a lovely addition to a fantastic if you could only serve coffee (LOL...MY idea of heaven...books, art and coffee!!) and have antique chairs! I actually looked into that very thing here but it is just too expensive to get started in my area. Best of luck. I hope it is huge success!
    Thank you for the sweet post on my blog. That was the best comment ever! xoxo

  10. Clare - thank you for visiting my blog. :-) I can see that I'll be spending a lot of time on yours... your angel girls are beautiful. KEEP CREATING - no matter how much they tell you "you're weird". :-)

  11. Wishing you the best. Youor art will certaining enhance the bookshop and provide all with eye candy.

  12. YES! YES! You two are my kind of people! I wish I could help you set up. If my husband would let me I would line all of our bedroom walls with books-every square inch! Good luck with your new venture. This is SO exciting! And Clare, I gasped when I saw your lovely magnets. They are TOTALLY gorgeous!!! xox

  13. I wish you dreams come true! Very exciting to have a shop and get to offer your art in it too. Your artful products are charming and beautiful!

  14. Best of luck Clare on your bookstore adventure. I dreamed once of owning a little shop myself. Your art will nice in a charming bookshop.

  15. Hi Clare, I have had the same problem you describe at many blogs. I have read it has something to do with if you leave yourself signed in all the time as well as blogs that have the comments section following below the post have issues. I stopped leaving myself signed into my gmail account and so far have not had a problem...maybe the Google Gods are just being merciful for a few minutes?! LOL Hope some of this proves useful... Oh, and before I hit that "post comment button" I copy my entire comment - sometimes I still loose it but sometimes it works.
    Beth P

  16. Hows your shop going? Hope its doing really great!
    I've found Aisha and Cimo, yeah!Thank you for your message. She doesn't come on her blog so often now, I bet she's enjoying her married life and so beautiful! Placed a link on to the blog from my last post.
    Have a great week :)

  17. OoH Clare I've only just read this post,I must have missed it before! I don't know how you find time to paint with your imminent shop opening! I do hope that you can do more once it's up and running. Your artwork looks lovely as little magnets, they're sure to sell well. :)
    Jess xx

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