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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


pictures and magnets - using my art -
this has been such fun
getting ready for our new project

Life feels frantic, rushed - there's too much to do - not enough time.  I feel myself getting impatient.  I dread the drive to work each morning, sitting in long lines of traffic with other impatient drivers.

My office chair feels like a dentists chair - sitting behind a computer all day is like getting root canal treatment. 

But then at the end of the day I enter my studio and all the frustrations melt away.  I become focused, centered, I begin my practice - my practice of creating.  It is where I begin to feel my soul again, where my soul can peak through the heavy fabric of everyday life and whisper to me, gentle messages of hope,of  kindness and most of all - purpose.

she felt tired, but was determined to push through to make her dreams come true


  1. Oh Clare, how much I know that feeling! The job takes it all,almost, and the fun has to wait until later. I so much wish for you to get a change on that. It feels so good to let the spirit sing freely. I'm amongst the lucky ones that have been able to free myself from daily work and I simply love it. There has been years when I had two and even three jobs at the same time but it was planned so I could get free at a certain point. Now I'm there and I can say that all of it was worth the hard work. So dear Clare, keep going because one day........

  2. It must be so nice to have a place, that makes you feel so alive and in tune with your purpose.

    Can't wait to see your shop all set up. Here's to hopes and dreams that merge onto reality.

  3. Those pictures are adorable. ♥♥

    I feel for you sitting in traffic. I can't stand the :stop:..:start: ... :stop:'s crazy making!

  4. Your magnets are so cute. Art is such a healing practice. No matter how bad I'm feeling, once I walk into the studio I feel better.

  5. Clare, you are one determined girl. I liked your comment about blowing away the cobwebs...then actually found one to sweep away in my van by my head!!! Wishing you lots of time to soak in your passion.

  6. I think we're going through a very similar experience right now! Creativity keeps me going. I always feel better once I've done some art, even if sometimes I struggle to make a start!

    Let's honour ourselves with some rest this weekend!

  7. I've been feeling so very rushed, too....but, I think mine is self-imposed....I think I have to get everything done NOW.....

    Isn't it wonderful how the act of creating and making art can fill in the gaps and assemble peace from the remnants of our lives :)

  8. Oh Clare, it's so wonderful that you are doing all of this! I hate when work gets in the way, and sometimes I'm so tired when I get home I don't even feel like creating. Your magnets are so cute, I love them!

  9. Oh I loved the last photo - just like one of your paintings with your gaze looking to one side! It sounds as though it's time to give up the day job and be the person you want to be at last. Thankyou for sharing this journey here with us. :o)
    Jess x x

  10. What would we do without time to create our art? I have no idea. Keep at it Clare! Sweet sweet.

  11. You sound like me Clare. It's so hard to be at work when I just want to be home painting so much that it hurts. Someday we'll get there if we keep at. Thank you for words on my blog:)
    Happy Weekend!

  12. I love your little magnets Clare - and your words again reveal your true self!
    Such a lovely honest post and another insight into the lovely Clare! :-)
    I also always take a deep breath of utterly satisfaction and happiness when I enter my little workroom - it is all MINE and full of stuff waiting for me to do something with it: fabric, beads, buttons, yarn, lace, charms, thread, needles, ribbons - WOW, a never ending pleasure! :-)

  13. Are you kidding me Clare!!!
    I love this post!!
    The magnets are great, so very sweet!!!

    I wish you many peaceful hours in your studio.

    Be well dear friend!!!


  14. isn't it wonderful that creating art can be so liberating, so gentle and hopeful and kind? I'm so happy you found the last bit of energy you needed to get yourself in the studio after a stressful day.

    Your work is beautiful. xoxo

  15. your endeavors look like a true LABOR OF LOVE, clare! congratulations. it's hard to have a real job sometimes, and then sometimes it's just meant to be. you write the most beautiful thought provoking posts, always. and i thank you for the message you left on my blog, it was felt down to my soul and toes! xo

  16. Looks like your heading in a wonderful direction making your dreams come true. It is so tiring to have to work a day job. But at least the nighttime is creative time! Some people just plop on a couch and watch the telly. Congratulate yourself for going forward.


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