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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


25 November 2011

When I was younger I could be very temperamental about making mistakes.  I hated making mistakes, especially at work.  If I screwed up it would gnaw away at me, I would replay the mistake over and over again, chastising myself for being so stupid and it would spiral down into a depression of sorts.

What art has taught me, is that it is okay to make mistakes that you can approach a blank canvas and begin something and if it doesn’t work out you can start again. Art has taught me that it is okay to be vulnerable, that it is fine if you don’t get it right the first time. I have also learnt that it is through making mistakes that you improve, you learn, you retry and you eventually get it right.  Sometimes the end result is completely different from the initial intended idea, but that’s okay. In art there really are no mistakes, just learning opportunities.

I still don’t like to make mistakes, who does, but I have learnt that mistakes are part of life, you can’t help but make them.  I understand now that when I make a mistake it is not who I am, one mistake does not define me.  I think that art has helped me to understand life better – to see life through art tinted glasses, it has helped me to be kinder to myself, and to be more accepting.  


  1. Thanks you for your sweet comments!! I love these girls you just painted and the story that goes along with them. You are truly gifted with the ability to put your thoughts into words.
    Heres to playing and fiddling!!!


  2. Clare I just have to tell you again, just how much this posting moved me. So much so I went to my facebook and posted a link to it, for all to see!!
    Thanks you again!!

  3. being kind to oneself is one of the hardest things to do... and not beat yourself up if one makes a mistake... I tend to dwell on things and then the self beat ups start... its not healthy and as you say we all make mistakes... good post on making us aware of this!

    ps I cant believe youdont send cards at xmas??? Clare... I dont know what I would if I didint! lol!!! although having said that its one of those chores thats becoming just that and not really enjoying it in recent years!

  4. beautifully written. I hate mistakes too and it is so nice to be reminded that they are not all bad

  5. So lovely to read such loving deep heart. Your words and art both share your wonderful you. Such an honour to come here and be apart of you.
    I can't see you making any mistakes as what you do is so beautiful with such gift and heart! :)

  6. Hello Clare! Thank you for your kind words of congratulations for my son. We are still very excited about the whole thing.

    I love your pieces...the second one reminds me of the 70's because of the flowers in her dress and the pink you used is just like my old room when I was a girl (in the 70's).

    Here's to mistakes and the improved human beings we become because of them : )

  7. Lovely artwork and post - it's not the making of mistakes but what you take and learn from those mistakes that creates the person you are. I think art has taught me this too. I'm loving your blog - and your post about missing out & fear is fantastic, think that feeling bound to resonate with all of us, thanks for sharing x

  8. Such lovely girls and lovely words.I try to think of mistakes as learning curves in our lives.We often make choices that are wrong but that we think are right at the time.As Artists I think we tend to feel more deeply then some.As Artists we are our own worse critic.Sometimes we just have to let the doubt and fear go.

  9. Art has taught me the same thing! It's such a hard lesson to learn in every area of our lives but it's so needed. And for the record, I think it'd be amazing to bathe in a tubful of colorful paint! :)

  10. parenting....have both taught me that lesson well ;D

  11. I love her colourful jumper, so bright and warm! (My central heating has broken so it's pretty cold here right now!)
    You're so right, art can heal, it's been said over and over but that's because it's true. As an artist friend once said to me "It's only a piece of paper!" We can begin again and get it right next time, or maybe not. It doesn't matter because it's the doing that's important and from mistakes can happy accidents occur. Aren't we lucky to paint?! :o)
    Jess xx

  12. Lovely girls both of them and your post too. I was so lucky to have a teacher (when I learnt sewing) that at our first day said to us: If you want to learn sewing, you'll have to learn to make mistakes too. That way she taught us that mistakes are a part of whatever one are doing. I certainly can be irritated for doing them but think they are part of what I'm doing. Smart teacher that one!

  13. Mistakes... me too. As much as I say that's how magic can happen, I still loathe it when I make a mistake. I think it's because I am still so hard on myself. Here's to embracing them and setting ourselves free! Love your paintings Clare. Your girls are evolving... I can see it in their eyes. xox

  14. Ooooops _ I almost missed that post!
    Making mistakes, hm, yes, we all make them, because we are all human. I think the best we can do about them, is to learn not to repeat them, to learn how to do better tomorrow - AND - sometimes not to take them so seriously!
    Thoughtfully written dear Clare, as always!

  15. i'd like to bath in a tub of colourful paint too... :)

    i always make mistakes all the time.
    sometimes i repeat them.
    how silly i am :(

  16. What a nice post! And great art, love the 2 of them ♥

  17. I really relate to this, I used to do the same thing, especially when I was in my 20's trying so hard to find my place in life. I would get VERY frustrated with myself and replay...

    I love too how sometimes the wrong way can lead to an opening in your process of making art, take you down a different path and lead to the magic of the journey!

    HUGS Lorraine


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