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Thursday, February 23, 2012

quirky designs

Just a quick pop in to say hi, and share these pictures with you.  Our neighbour at the book shop is Guy Sterling, a quirky fun loving chap with an infectious laugh.  He makes the most amazing things out of scrap metal, welding and bending, twisting and hammering until he has created art out of what was once a pile of scrap.  Every weekend when I work at the shop, the first thing I do is pop over for a visit.  I asked Guy if I could take some pics and post them on my blog - I think he wants to start a blog too!

Can you see the mielies in the background - there is a maze in the maize. The other day a young man borrowed a table and two chairs from Sterling and took them into the middle of the maze, and suprised his girlfriend with a marriage proposal.

Finally a few pictures of my art in the shop.

......and how it all fits in

Thursday, February 16, 2012


One of the things I love about living in South Africa is that I can go barefoot almost year round.  Shoes constrict my feet, and I never seem to find shoes that are comfortable no matter what type of shoes I buy, and I have very normal feet.  The feeling of the hard ground under my feet, the connection to the earth, the way I can stretch out my toes, is one of the small luxuries of life.

I’m lucky that I work in a fairly relaxed environment and can walk around with no shoes on if I wish. We have a young Italian researcher working with us and even she has kick-off her shoes.

When my sister and I were kids we visited our family in the UK and got into big trouble when we ran outside to play in the snow – you guessed it without shoes.  In our defense it was the first time we had ever seen snow.

South African history is full of stories of barefoot people. At the top of the Voortrekker Pass, there is a monument to a woman who walked barefoot over the Drakensberg.  After the Voortrekkers entered Natal, which was then a British Colony a number of trekkers decided to return to the Free State.  Susanna Smit declared that she would rather walk barefoot back over the Berg than live in Natal under British rule; she then proceeded to do just that.

I was intrigued to see that there is a society for barefoot living –I love their slogan – set your feet free and your mind will follow. To that I can say a big yes, when those shoes come off; my mind and heart are set free. There is absolutely no way I could never paint with shoes no!
I'll take my freedom where ever I can find it, she said with a little twinkle in her eye