more than one voice

Monday, March 19, 2012

it is what it is

taking the easy way out?

I have a quote I use on my pictures – 'life is simple it’s just not easy'.  I believe that life is simple, that the simple answers normally turn out to be the correct ones.  How you get to the answers might not be easy.  I think that sometimes we complicate life; we expect that things should be hard and difficult, but often this is not the case.  Sometimes, if we just move away from a problem or ask a different question, and stop expecting to have the answer immediately we can be surprised when the answer softly seems to arrive.

I’m really trying hard to stop holding onto things too tightly, expecting to know all the answers, and irritating myself by having to have everything sorted out.  I’m trying to loosen my grip and to be happy with what is. 

“It is what it is”, has become my mom’s new motto and I think I might just pinch it from her – what do you think?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

listen to this

there's something in my hair

A few years ago, when I was still studying I worked as a volunteer family counselor. Our main task was to teach families the importance of communication.  When we introduced this into the counseling sessions, people always got excited as they were hoping that we would teach them how to get people to hear them better.  But they were always disappointed when we began with – the importance of listening.

Listening is probably the hardest part of communication. Do we really listen to others; do we hear the unspoken as well as the spoken?  Who really has time for this, the world is too busy, and people are too full of their own importance, trying too hard to get their own point across.  We have forgotten to listen, to truly listen.  What a wonderful gift it is when someone listens to you, gives you that space to speak your words and feelings. I know that I need to be reminded of this! 

I think it’s also important that we listen to ourselves, find time to listen to what we are saying all day long to others and of course what are we saying to ourselves. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

catching the monkey

catching monkeys

In the matter of two days I heard this term used about five times, from five different sources.  It made me think, is something trying to tell me something?  

Oh, what was it that I kept on hearing – the term ‘monkey mind’.

Monkey mind is a Buddhist, term meaning unsettled, restless, inconstant, confused, indecisive and my favorite uncontrollable.  It is those thoughts that run around in your head like an ADHD child on a sugar high.  

Boy, and has my old mind been a monkey lately, jumping around, with hardly a single still thought in sight.  I have practiced meditation in the past, I’ve watched my thoughts without having an attachment to them, but somehow life has just got too busy and all that peace has evaporated.  I do hope that I can calm the monkey inside my head; it seems to be less of a nuisance when I can put a paint brush in my hand.  Oh dear, there it goes again – excuse me I need to see if I can catch it..........

Sunday, March 4, 2012

what to do with a dream

missing silence

What do you do with the dreams you have every night? When you go into that mysterious place where reality is distorted, where things aren’t quite what they are in waking reality.

Do you have recurring dreams?  Do you have themes that seem to play out night after night teasing you with just a hint of meaning?

Sometimes I can hardly wait to go to sleep at night, not just because I’m tired, but because I just love dreaming. I’m often amazed at the dreams I have, the insights that my dreams give into my unconscious mind, the unraveling of deep seated thoughts. There are things in my head that seem to lie undiscovered until I journey into my dream world.   

I always try to pay attention to my dreams. On waking just before I’m fully conscious I slowly replay the night dreams, storing them in my conscious mind where I will think about them later that day.  Throughout the day I allow my dreams to gently nudge me, to mix with my waking world, it seems that this helps me to discover their secrets.  And what do I do with my dreams – I make art of course.