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Monday, March 19, 2012

it is what it is

taking the easy way out?

I have a quote I use on my pictures – 'life is simple it’s just not easy'.  I believe that life is simple, that the simple answers normally turn out to be the correct ones.  How you get to the answers might not be easy.  I think that sometimes we complicate life; we expect that things should be hard and difficult, but often this is not the case.  Sometimes, if we just move away from a problem or ask a different question, and stop expecting to have the answer immediately we can be surprised when the answer softly seems to arrive.

I’m really trying hard to stop holding onto things too tightly, expecting to know all the answers, and irritating myself by having to have everything sorted out.  I’m trying to loosen my grip and to be happy with what is. 

“It is what it is”, has become my mom’s new motto and I think I might just pinch it from her – what do you think?


  1. Definitely!
    I say that all the time, as I have been a *holder-of-everything* and just cannot do it now.
    Life is too good to worry about the things we'll never know nor change.
    It is what it IS...OURS! :-)


  2. Wow, this one is sooooo beautiful. Soft and everything well blended. Most of my life I've been an "easy goer" when talking about life in general. If I have a problem I'm a stayer, which means I don't let go before it's solved.
    With that said I believe that life appears very differently from person to person. Everything of course depends on how serious the matter. Right now, while thinking of it I remember a question I always tend to ask myself: What's the worst that can happen? Most problems seem to schrink while answering that question. Speaking of everyday matters of course!

  3. I love your art, you are such an inspiring young woman, not just with your art, but also with your wit and wisdom. I do so enjoy visiting your blog. Your devoted follower, Connie Come visit me, my welcome mat is always out.

  4. Love the painting... I agree, sometimes we can't see the wood for the trees... my motto is "Worry about the things I can change and stop worrying about the things I have no control over..." :)

  5. I think that's very smart Clare, and good advise! I'm having a difficult time right now with stress of moving and feeling disorganized and in limbo between locations! I will read your post again and reflect. Thank you for sharing!
    Another beautiful painting!

  6. Yes, no matter how hard we try to change or control an outcome, as just is what it is....

    Sometimes just enjoying that simple "Is" proves to be difficult....
    We are sometimes never satisfied :)

    I love the darker palette of this one...with a peek of blossoms on the right :)

  7. thats a good phrase... it is what it is... that motto seems to be v popular around here too... maybe its catching on around he world! is the darker palette inspired by the change in seasons? is it getting cooler in your parts yet? we def have had a shift to the cooler and I am so enjoying it!

  8. Yes, sometimes you just have to accept "as it is" - "kacha ze" we say here. This acceptance often leads to peace of mind. I don't think, that acceptance is the easy way out, it is a clever way to stay focused on things we CAN influence.
    I see that this lovely woman you painted has serious thoughts about it! :-)

  9. I love your quote, life is simple, that we just tend to complicate it is so very true.
    What's most important here is that you recognize and prioritize all that you love, and the rest will come!!
    Your on the right track my sweet Clare.


  10. How true it is. After all we can't always control the people or things around us but we can control how we process it.

  11. This is soooo true. I think your mom and my mom have been talking. That is what my mom has been saying is what it is. Good advice.

    What a beautiful painting Clare...I love the purples with the earth tones and that neckline on her shirt. So pretty!

  12. Your Mom Rocks and so do you. I read this and re-read it again as it so captured what I've been experiencing over the past few months...yes, to let go just a little bit. In my heart I feel like you were talking right to me and I am grateful for having read this today.

  13. ...someone sounds rather wise.... :-)

    i LOVE your art, love how you see the world.
    Thanks for sharing. Especially your art. xoxo

  14. This is such a beautiful painting! There's a lady called Jennifer Starlight and she's being sharing the answer is in the question... Like What should I be? Answer To simple Be..! Things like this. Your right about the simple answers!
    Have a great weekend! <3

  15. Hello your mum is a wise woman I love your work I really like the floral one in your banner ....... have alovely day claire xx

  16. Totally agree. And your painting is beautiful wiht those deep colors.

  17. I couldn't agree more! Sometimes we forget how straight forward life truly is.

    Great post, Clare. And I love the simplicity of your pretty painting. oxx


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