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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

listen to this

there's something in my hair

A few years ago, when I was still studying I worked as a volunteer family counselor. Our main task was to teach families the importance of communication.  When we introduced this into the counseling sessions, people always got excited as they were hoping that we would teach them how to get people to hear them better.  But they were always disappointed when we began with – the importance of listening.

Listening is probably the hardest part of communication. Do we really listen to others; do we hear the unspoken as well as the spoken?  Who really has time for this, the world is too busy, and people are too full of their own importance, trying too hard to get their own point across.  We have forgotten to listen, to truly listen.  What a wonderful gift it is when someone listens to you, gives you that space to speak your words and feelings. I know that I need to be reminded of this! 

I think it’s also important that we listen to ourselves, find time to listen to what we are saying all day long to others and of course what are we saying to ourselves. 


  1. i agree; (and listening to ourselves is somtimes even harder...)
    i love this Painting, Clare.

  2. Hi Clare, totally agree...I find now I'm older I listen more to others and myself...also helps when everyone around you is speaking in a foreign language..just so much easier to listen... :)

  3. Sorry forgot to your painting... :)

  4. It is so true what you say here. I think we improve by age, at least I am a better listener now than I was earlier. But I still find it difficult to read what's behind the words some times.
    I really like this painting. The bright red castle in her hair and the beautiful details in her face. Well done!!

  5. Thankyou for this important reminder Clare. :) I used to think I was a good listener because I'm naturally not a 'talker' but this isn't always the case. It's so easy to become complacent but I really need to remember to listen to people more.
    Lovely painting too!
    Jess xx

  6. i loooove her + adore what's in her hair!!!
    shared listening love, xox.

  7. Sweet Clare, its been a while since my last visit, love the post and the painting. You always have something worth listening to, thanks for sharing!!
    Be well!

  8. Oh my gosh, Clare, I think this is my new favorite!! So amazing. And I love seeing her at the beginning before she's all fancied up; it's fun seeing the process.
    Catherine Denton

  9. Dear Clare - I am listening, I LOVE to listen to you!
    Yes, it is true, not all people have that gift of being good listeners, most of us are good talkers! But it can be very rewarding to listen - for both participants...
    What ever you paint Clare, I love it! :-)

  10. oh so true clare... in our me me society, everyone wants to speak, but not really listen to what others are saying, or find the time to listen to our selves. good point. love the painting too... looks like a castle in her hair>? is she a princess?

  11. You're so right - listening is one of the best gifts we can give each other. I try to remind myself of that when my daughter wants to talk about the latest game she is playing or something that doesn't really interest me, but it interests her a great deal and therefore, I want her to know that she has a safe audience in me to share whatever she needs to share. So, so important.

  12. It really is a nice feeling when you've been rambling on and on....and you realize the other has truly been listening to you, like you don't expect them to really pay attention.
    ...and listening to ourselves, I think is hardest of all...such a frivilous endeavor we think nowadays :(

    This is a great painting, Clare! How neat is it that you do the background after the main subject?! Very cool!

  13. I hear you! Listening has become a very important tool in my tool box. Just as important as imagination and skill. Here's to listening to our hearts and all of the messages we hear all day long from the outside and the inside... Loving your paintings dear girl! xo

  14. clare, you ALWAYS, touch a good nerve with me. i just got through writing an afterschool newsletter for my parents. it's title was PURE LISTENING...about truly listening with no agenda, no interupting, mouth closed, ears open. our principal found it quite interesting as she had to sign it before going out. it is so amazing who gets inlightened when we don't even know WHO is LISTENING!!!
    your piece is so very sweet and whimsical, just love the castle on top of her head. she appears to be being silly and yet has a look on her face like, "please hear me". xo

  15. Clare, your art work recently has taken a little turn in the way you are doing color and texture and your composition...I love this. What a clever piece.

    We were just having a discussion about listening...well lots of discussions about listening with my mom's recent illness. We noticed that some doctors and nurses listen better than others and when they do listen it makes all the difference in the world. Good listening alleviates fear and frustration and builds trust.


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