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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

my dream business

As I continue to develop my art business I've been busy with all sorts of different things. I've set up a website -Clare Dreams. It's been fun to do, although I have been driving myself mad with the perfection bug.  I've also had fun designing my logo and learning how to naviagate around photoshop - I'm not really sure why photoshop is so complicated! Once you get the hang of it it can be quite additive - hence the bags under my eyes from late nights.

I've joined a wonderful on-line shop for arts and crafts in SA called Heart Emporium, it's similar to etsy I suppose.  I'm not sure how well etsy works in SA or even if we have it here?  I've been suprised at how many sales I've had through the site.

It's been a challenge keeping my own shop stocked with pictures. The shop is doing well, which is wonderful considering the hard economic times we are in at the moment. Through my shop I've managed to get a few wholesale orders from other shops. I put out lots of business cards, and signs saying I do wholesale orders - which seems to have worked well. 

It's fun, lots of hard work (which I think I might have mentioned before I'm not too keen on), but the results are worth it.  There is something special about selling one of your own creations, it always makes me want to giggle when someone buys one of my pictures, the weird thing is I really don't know why!

Heres to lots of giggling!!


  1. ALL ALL ALL WONDROUS...the WORLD of clare! lucky us to have you share and inspire our world! you sure do have some inner strength showing clare along with your delightful artwork! thank you xoxox

  2. Congrats on your new site, it looks great. So do your work. How wonderful to see ones dream come true, even though it's alot of hard work. I really hope you will reach your goal and feel the joy of success.
    Best wishes for you and yours!

  3. Such wonderful news here Clare...I what you did with your art in photoshop. Keep up the hard work! Your art has a genuine sweetness to it.

    And thank you again for such an uplifting comment on my blog today. :)

  4. Wonderful that you are living your dream! Good for you! Here is to much success in your new endeavors. :)

  5. "Fresh produce from the heart" is genius! I am LOVING your logo. I'm over-the-top excited for you with all that's happening with your art!! Gonna go check out your website now. :D
    Catherine Denton

  6. Clare, I giggle with you! :-) See you!

  7. Clare - I'm new to your blog so have been reading posts for this year. Absolutely love your art...!! Not sure how I happened upon you but happy to join you. I will go check out your new website. Congrats on your success!!

    And I recently sold my very first art piece in my Etsy store (just finally opened in April 2012....and was so excited I giggled, squeeled and literally jumped up and down (note that my two teenage boys thought I had gone crazy!). It is such a joyful feeling to have someone else love your art enough to buy it.

  8. Love that logo! Yes, indeed here's to lots of giggles. Have you also tried selling your art on eBay. I have an article on my blog today with some tips. Learning Photoshop can be a full-time job in itself. I wish there were just more hours in the day!

  9. Hi Clare, I was unable to reply to your comment directly as you are a no-reply blogger =( I'm sure you could apply the same tips to Bid or Buy as I recommended for eBay. Good luck!

  10. I'm not surprised one bit with your sales, your work is amazing!!!

    Thanks for your comments on my first crown. I had such a great time making this crown and hope to make one for myself.

    I think theres a little queen in all of us and we need to embrace and celebrate this fact!!!

    Be well Clare and keep creating!!!

  11. CLARE,
    its because you are SO TALENTED!!!! I am headed over there to check out your shop. Big HUGS, Robin

  12. LOVE the produce of clare!
    keep flying, beauty!!! xox

  13. Cheers to your shop’s success, Clare! Your works are pretty awesome, so it’s no surprise you’re getting a bunch of sales. Putting up a website, making business cards and signs telling you do wholesale are good marketing strategies. Don’t stop there though, keep working on ideas and tactics to maintain the success of your business. Casey Mccoy @ Business Coach San Diego

  14. No wonder your shop continues to be successful; your works of art are truly amazing! While keeping it up will certainly be a challenge, as long as you love what you do and know what will surely work for your customers’ needs, it will do great. All the best!

    Lynn Bridges

  15. I agree that it feels great knowing that there are bunch of people who show interest in your creations, and they’re eager to have them! Well, I can’t blame them. Your works are all beautiful! Keep it up!

    Mamie Patrick @ Focused Local Marketing


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