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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I spent the weekend at a wonderful place called – Solitude.  A place that fills the spirit with quietness and contemplation, a place that allows you to step out of your busy life and just be for awhile.  It asks nothing of you except to be still and in return you are given the gift of reconnection.

This weekends retreat reflected on the words of the writer and monk Thomas Merton. His words are beautiful, challenging, and reflective and call the reader to be present.  He challenges you to slow down and listen to the sounds of nature, to hear the wind and the birds and to ultimately hear the spirit of God.  You are called to examine your authenticity.

 Merton says, ‘a tree gives glory to God by being a tree,’   for in being what God means it to be it is obeying Him.  It ‘consents,’ so to speak, to His creative love.  It is expressing an idea which is in God and which is not distinct form the essence of God, and therefore a tree imitates God by being a tree. (Thomas Merton - new seeds of contemplation)

It was a weekend that also challenged us to consider our footprint on this planet, to realize that it is us that need to heal, more so than our earth.  It is us that have to change our thoughts, our very consciousness if our planet is to survive.  We need to slow down, to be still, and to honor our earth and our place in it, to understand our interconnection to all things.

When I returned home on Sunday evening I was filled with peace and a sense of being, a contentment for where I am at present.  I was absolutely blown away with the synchronicity of the gift my husband presented me – while sorting out some books for the shop on Sunday afternoon, he had come across seven books of Thomas Merton’s journals…!    


  1. Hello - how wonderful to come across your blog and know that after our weekend of 'connecting' we can remain connected...
    I look forward to having a wander through your words - oh, and I looked up Mary Oliver ;-)
    Blessings to you xx

  2. Wow, Clare that is so very cool. I am feeling kind of Jealous...Would love a weekend retreat. It looks Lovely as are your words. Hugs, Robin

  3. WONDER-FULL gift for yourself clare. i wish everyone could/would do this for themselves! u r a smart and lovely woman, clare! xo

  4. Coming back refreshed in heart and soul from a weekend treat - I know what you mean!
    I hope it holds for a while! :-)

  5. Dear Clare, how wonderful to read that you treated yourself last weekend. You're so worth it. And I know the feeling after a long period of hard work. And that lovely surprise from your husband..... what a treasure.I think that was a suitable surprise for a nice girl like you. Enjoy!!

  6. I can feel the stillness in you as I read your words...a peaceful connection to a sense of purpose and understanding...
    What an amazing gift bestowed to you in those days there.

    ...and a thoughtful gift from your adoring Husband, too :)

  7. Loved this post and many of the previous ones I've missed! And thank you so much for the great words you left on my blog post!

  8. Wow! His journals! That really is a lucky find, or maybe the universe at work? I have one of his books and thankyou for reminding me of him, I think I might read it again very soon. :)
    Have a lovely tranquil, recharged weekend Clare :)
    Jess xx

  9. Finding this place you have written about...that is where we should always be. Good for you...happy you had some rest and recharging.


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