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Thursday, June 21, 2012

creativity as humor

no need to take life so seriously - no one gets out alive

I like to sneak in bits of humor throughout my day.  I battle to stay serious for too long, I like being silly.  I have been known to dance in the office much to the surprise and delight of my colleagues – who after awhile join in.  I tired teaching once but was hopeless as I just joked with the kids all the time and discipline went right out the window.

Humor is simply wonderful, it can help in awkward situations and lightens up a gloomy mood.  I don’t tell jokes – my delivery sucks but I like the pace of quick wit and reciprocal banter.  I’m lucky that my partner has a good sense of humor and the kids are pretty quick witted as well.  Katie has the most wonderful dry sense of humor, she delivers with a dead pan face and says some side splitting things with a dose of unbelievable wisdom – she is an old soul for sure.  Jess is a dramatic clown, vociferous and animated, a complete nut in more ways then one.

katie having a one man rugby supporters party

colin - is a magpie he is always finding strange things and bringing them home - the glasses were his find on this particular day.

Life can be serious and hard, and pretty crappy at times but thank goodness for the craziness that the universe has bestowed upon me and my family.  I wonder if humor could be considered a creative process.  I think so – what do you think?
and marley, muddy dog on clean washing
 the kids thought this was very funny


  1. Sometimes I think humor is what gets the blocks out and lets the creative process flow.
    And some people are truly gifted with it!
    I am the perpetual joker, even in the lowest of times.....a laugh restores the body and soul!


  2. Today I was having trouble painting eyes...I was trying to make the figure look down. I kept changing it and changing it. Then I took some white and a swipe here and a swipe there...she had a look on her face (but she WAS looking down) that was something like "Oh my gosh! What is that on my dress!!!????!!!". I was laughing at the work to the point of tears. I am tempted to leave her that way.

    Yes...Humor is always a GOOD thing!

    Love your piece and your photos Clare!

  3. How would the world be without humor? I pretty much look at the world in a humorous angle. It spices each day and a great laugh lighten everything I think. My mother has " the black belt" when it comes to humor so we always have a lot of fun together. Lucky enough my son has inherited too.
    I think it's wonderful that your family share it and are able to have such fun together. Keep on laughing it's good for plenty of things!

  4. Yes, how wonderful! My Grandma, who lived to 94, ALWAYS said this;

    She would lean in close and say 'Do you know what the most important thing in life is'?............. no grandma what's that?

    'to have a sense of humor' 'with out that, life would be dull' she would profess.

    The other thing she said over and over was... 'when I get to heaven, I am going to ask God.... why couldn't men have the babies?'... ha ha ha...

  5. Nothing better than a good laugh! Loved your post Clare and look at this other one I had in my blog roll today:

    Have a weekend with smiles and giggles!

  6. HI Clare! I agree....never ever want to give up my humor....never ever :)

    Smiles, Anke :)

  7. Yes! Humour is definitely a creative thing. I'm glad you said that about your teaching experience. I decided I was rubbish at it many years ago when I did a stint of it but now I can see why! I'm not serious enough to be a teacher! Hooray! :)
    Jess xx

  8. Great post - love the picture of Marley the muddy dog on clean washing! x

  9. YES to humor + dancing + your beautiful art!!! xox


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