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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 - Practice

My word for 2012 was 'fitting' - I knew that there was a lot to do in 2012 and my challenge was going to be to fit it all in.  Towards the second half of the year I began to feel the stress of trying to fit everything in and still try and remain true to my desire to be a creative.  Well, on reflection I think that somehow I have managed to fit everything in, it wasn't easy but here I am at the start of 2013 wiser and perhaps a little more realistic - ready for the adventures that 2013 hold.

My word for 2013 is practice. With the craziness of 2012 behind me I realise that I need to spend more time practicing art, practicing drawing, practicing healthy living - finding a practice that centres my day, that focuses my mind and brings me into a place of simple living.  I'm not sure what the practices will be but I have a feeling that this is what is needed in my life this year. 

I suppose I will find a way to 'fit' in the practices that I need to make this year wonderful and full of adventure and discovery.  I have a feeling this is going to be a great year!


  1. Hi Clare and Happy New Year to you! How good to see you back in blogland. Sounds like you've had a busy year. I like your girl, there's something new in your expression and I like it.
    Good to "see" you.

  2. I love your picture and the two words with it.If only more people were kind the world would be a better place.Good to see you back in Blogland.Happy New Year

  3. It seems 2012 was crazy-busy for everyone.....I just gave up and went with the flow at some point!
    I'm not choosing any word for 2013; I'm going to let the year unfold and see hwo it goes.
    Here's hoping your year is all you can want!!!


  4. It's lovely to see your post Clare! Once again your words hit the spot for me perfectly. Practice is the perfect word that I should carry with me this year too!
    Wishing you much happiness this new year.
    Jess xx

  5. So glad you were able to fit everything in! And I love your new word for the year. Can't wait to see what all it brings you. I was happy to see your post, I've missed you! Happy New Year, sweet Clare.
    Catherine Denton

  6. clare, happy new year to you and many blessings in this new year! good to see you posting once more!

  7. That's a great word for the year - and I think we should all practice more in our lives - practice patience, love, understanding, and more on a daily basis.

    I hope your new year is marvelous!

  8. Loving your new blog header - she is lovely, the birdy on the bunting is very sweet. What a great word you have chosen and I can identify with the need to practice! Nice to see you blogging again - Happy New Year x

  9. Practice...i like the multiple clever and encouraging to keep doing...over and over again :)

    I know it's going to be a great 2013. Happy New Year!

  10. love all your various thoughts on 'practice'
    wishing you a wonderful time with your companion word

    such a sweet piece of art

    lovely 2013 to you ~

  11. Hi Clare - You are loaded in for the Grow Your Blog party - so you are all set - updates are on my blog - see you on the 19th


  12. Happy New Year Clare! Love your pretty girl painting! Hope you accomplish all you st out to do this year!!


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