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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What's the weather doing?

Had a little fun painting this birdie - a reminder to be kind

It's been too hot to sit in my study and type up posts.  I'm actually sitting here dressed only in my swimming costume - I must look very funny, in my blue polka dot  cossie.  Luckily the family have gone to bed, although how much sleeping anyone will do is questionable. 

When I was a little girl summer also smelt of wet grass and molten tar. We had hot days, but every afternoon at about four the sky would grow very dark and then roar in anger and spit out big saucer size drops of rain.  It doesn't happen anymore. Climate change is a reality. 

They say it will rain towards the end of the week, I hope it does, we need the relief. Isn't it funny how we talk so much about weather if life?


  1. It sure is a strange weather for the time being. Global warming they call it, I just wish we could have a tiny bit of that warmth too. Freezing cold here but sunny and dry for a change. I've found that it's not that important for me any longer. When in a dayjob it meant alot more. Now I can enjoy the beautiful days whenever they're here, which I couldn't when working. Let's hope for the best for all of us.

  2. We've had temps in the 80's....Late Spring-like weather in what should be Winter. Still wearing shorts and flip flops. Bizarre...even for California!

    It is so sad to hear what human pollution is doing to our planet. :(

  3. I like your creation very much, and I hope you get relief soon.

  4. LOVE your birdie!!! breezes + love to you xox

  5. LOVE your bird Clare. I would give anything to be in a swimsuit right now. It's still cold in Kansas, but warming up.

  6. Such a beautiful painting and tender message. And I agree, weather is often a topic; I think because it affects us so much. Or because, here in Oklahoma, it changes so quickly ~ warm one day, freezing rain the next.
    Catherine Denton


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