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Thursday, April 18, 2013

having fun

I share, with my husband a love for shabby chippy furniture.  He found this cupboard for me and thought it would work well as a bookcase for my 1000's of books. We tested the paint at the junk shop to make sure it would flake, which it did.

I used a paint scraper and lots of elbow grease to pull off large pieces of the white enamel paint - to reveal..........
It took longer to clean up the little bits of old paint than it did to strip the cupboard.  Doesn't it look beautiful!
And here it is in it's new home - my less than tidy study.


  1. I've always liked to do up old furniture, in fact nearly everything I have is renovated by me! Your cupboard is great, I'd have loved to have that! :) xx

  2. Great cupboard, I have a similar one, but taller, in my bathroom. I use mine for towels and bed linen. I have several old furnitures waiting to be renovated.
    Love to see it in your study.

  3. Hi Clare, that piece of furniture looks cool with what you did to it. Wow, sounds like you've been super busy and successful! I love seeing your artwork. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Through chipping away on the surface you've created a masterpiece! I love your new cubbard, Clare!

  5. It is wonderful! It has such a great folksy feel to it :)


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