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Sunday, April 7, 2013

remember to play

I believe that we all need to play, not find time to play, maybe if we can fit it in somewhere – we absolutely need to play.  It is essential, like food and water and air.  Playing nourishes the soul, allows us time to discover little surprises about ourselves, to uncover our true nature and it is fun.

When I was about eleven I had to stay after school and wait for my mom to collect us after work.  I was so jealous of all the other kids who got to go home straight after school.  The problem was that I realised that because I was almost a teenager I didn’t have that many days left to play and I really wanted to get in all the playing I could do before I got too old to play. This makes me laugh now because I never stopped playing!  I still have a playroom – it’s just called a ‘studio’. 



  1. You're so right Clare, I've always been a playful person but it was first when Sandra start coming here I found back to the real playful me. Between childhood and then (when Sandra came) I had been acting as a grown up. More correctly, as I thought a grown up should act. Now, on the other hand, I nearly can't stop playing. It's a real blessing to be able to feel the childish joy of ones play.
    Now I know by myself I'll never let og of it again. Take care and never forget to play!

  2. Clare, you are so is very important to play. And your playful painted girl here is absolute 100% sweetness! I adore those little black shoes! Enjoy your Sunday and I hope you get to play some more.

  3. OH SO TRUE TRUE TRUE! and i just love your painting to go with this! i was just thinking about you the other day...and here you are after being missed! xo

  4. These colors makes are so happy, filled with lollipop goodness! Love it!

    I remember going outside to play....finding bugs, collecting sticks, bouncing balls and climbing trees....
    It would be fun to do some of that again :)

  5. yeah lol and you play art so well and beautifully!


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