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Sunday, April 14, 2013

whats been going on

I suppose a blog is really an online diary or journal, using it for that purpose I thought it might be fun to share a little bit of my everyday life.

Using my art and the amazingly clever Photoshop software I have designed a wonderful range of pictures that we make up into small ready to hang picture art. (see more on my website - link above) I just love being able to share my art and messages with people.  This is a picture of my garden 'factory', and the two sweet ladies that help me.  Nonzomo and Thembi.

Some of the pictures ready for packaging
My daughter Jess, does the iHeart market in Durban once a month with our pictures.  She loves doing the market - and always comes home with loads of new clothes and other lovely handmade things.
I love selling my art because I meet wonderful people, actually I meet amazing people, kind souls, interesting people and I love hearing their stories.  One of my customers is a yoga teacher and grows organic veggies.  She calls her veggies 'living food' isn't that such a great way to describe fresh organic food.  As a family we have decided to try and eat organic and free range food were ever possible.  I get a box of 'living food' delivered every week - it is a pot luck and you never know what your going to get, it just depends whats in the garden. The veggies come in brown bags and it's exciting to open up the bags and see what suprises are inside.  Every week there is a bunch of lavendar or rosemary or flowers with a little message tag.
Baked carrots with red onions,garlic, rosemary and balsamic vinegar.


  1. Lovely to see your garden factory and how you work. What a great amount of pictures you're preparing. Must mean you're doing well and that makes me happy to see.
    All that beautiful organic food makes my mouth water, how exciting it must be to open the bags each week.

  2. I loved this peek into your life Clare. It's so wonderful that you are surrounded by people that make you happy and I am sure vice versa. How lovely that you are sharing your art in the world too.

    Now I want to bake that carrot dish!

  3. This post is wonderful, it is fun to see your backyard workshop. I love it!!! Goes to show that you do not need a huge studio to get things done . . . you just need a few creative people and a love for art. Also, I would love to know a little bit more about how you prepare your baked carrots . . . my mouth is watering :)
    Have a wonderful week.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. I love this! How neat to be able to share your art like that. :)

  5. Your artwork looks wonderful all displayed like that and you're so lucky having helpers! I'd like an organic box delivered, it would be like having a birthday present arriving each time! :) xx

  6. Clare that is so lovely.
    I love your Picture garden. <3
    Love the photos of your devoted working buddies. I hope one day to have a book. maybe one day. better get a move on. LOL How many one days are there anyway?
    Hugs, Robin

  7. all I can say is: yum and you are sooooo special dear clare! xo your artwork is so uplifting and positive, just LOVE all around! xo

  8. The energy when selling at markets is intoxicating...I remember....

    Love to see how your days and business blossom...and the whole concept of Living Food is admirable ;)

    That carrot dish sounds amazing!


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