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About me

Me – Clare Jolan Hudson-Reed
Life needs to have lots of moments of silence,
little gaps between the noise of our busy lives.
For me picking up a paint brush and painting a
picture takes me to those quiet places.
I love the creative process - the unexpected adventures
that creating takes me on. 

I'm so pleased that I have found a way to share my art.

I hope that the messages I put on my art speak to
those who are trying to slow down and take life less seriously.

Sometimes all we need to do in life –
is to laugh and learn
to believe in our dreams.

Some mundane info about me
(I always like to know this kinda stuff about people)

I live in the city of Pietermaritzburg in Kwa-Zulu Natal – South Africa with my husband of almost 25 years (phew how did we do that) and my two precious beautiful and sweetie girls – Jess (21) and Kate (16).  Also part of the family are two dogs – Marley and Cassie, a budgie, a rat (one pet and many outside that aren’t pets), and two other rodents (not sure what they are).
My day job is as an administrator and programme manager at a development NGO – where we work with mostly rural women teaching and mentoring them in savings groups. I also help my husband (who is a teacher) run his bookshop. I would love nothing more than to spend each and everyday creating art - and I am working hard at that dream!


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