more than one voice

Fabric art

if i had a dress with wings then i could fly, she said with a playful smile

Unfortunately this picture is not great. The writing on the side says 'if i had a dress with wings then i could learn to fly.'  The little pouch hanging on the dress has a crystal from my daughter inside it, with a little note to myself.  The dress hangs in my studio to remind me that i don't need wings to fly - i just have to believe.

Circles of forever
I'm fascinated by time.  What is it - does it ever end - where does it start from - out in space is time different from here on earth? 

Funky chickens - have made about 100 of these little chaps

This bag i made for my Katies friend's birthday - my girls like giving mom made gifts 

This is a camera bag i made for my youngest - Katie